I’m really excited because today we released Scratch for iPhone and iPod touch. We’ve spent a lot of time between client projects getting Scratch off the ground so it’s exciting and terrifying to finally see it out in the world.

Scratch fills a need I had for a notetaking app that didn’t require me to manage a list of notes, or require multiple taps just to start typing. Most of my notes are of the “oh shit, don’t forget this” variety. Usually story ideas or bits of info that have no other home: phone numbers, a particular brand of tequila I want to buy, names for my future child. I wanted an app that I could open and just start typing.

So we made Scratch. I think my favorite part of using Scratch isn’t just the focus on quick-input but that it’s also a powerful editor in its own right. We tried not to water down the editing experience even though the goal of the app was simplicity. It has powerful Markdown features and a neat customizable toolbar.

Anyway, if this sounds like something you’d like, buy it on the App Store for $3.

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